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Navigating the Sea of Goals™ This is a PowerPoint lecture lab program
lasting 3 - 4 hours and is available upon request.  At the end of the course,
students will be able to identify goals, write goal statements, and use a
goals matrix to help them act upon their goals. The students will define
what success means to them and then develop goals to help them attain
their success. See the press release on this site for more details. The
course, designed by CRA, was successfully delivered to clients of
Haldane Associates of Rochester, NY. Contact us by e-mail to schedule a
class for your company.  

Pricing Description
1 hour basic overview - no handouts  $40/Student
4 hour standard course - includes all handouts  $50/Student
4 hour customized course - includes all handouts plus any additional
handouts per the customization. $200/Student

Navigating Through The Sea of Goals , Copyright 2004 - October 2004
Registration is now open. C.R. Associates, 585-305-7109. Or, e-mail C.R.

Not Without Protest, Copyright,  2001; is author
Vincent P. Rosella's first science fiction and fantasy book. He has two other
books in process,
The Secret of the Golden Scarab, Copyright 2004 and
Murder on Bald Head Island, Copyright, 2004.
Vincent P. Rosella is a published author of the fictional work entitled, Not
Without Protest
, available from: http://www.authorhouse.com
Vincent's book is numerous libraries within the Monroe County Library
System LIBRAWeb Library Catalog Online. His book is also available from
numerous Internet sites including
Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Amazon
, Borders Books, and a variety of other book selling sites and
science fiction and fantasy sites such as Science Fiction & Fantasy,
Science Fiction Site, and Science Fiction Fan. He is also listed on Foot
Print Press, which is a listing of writers in the New York State Finger Lakes
Region. Furthermore, Vincent will soon release two more books. He writes
scripts, marketing collaterals, web content, press releases, and advertising
literature as well.

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